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WOrk from home?

This is a study on work from home and how US workers feel about this potential trend.

One commercial broker stated the following: "Only 12% of US workforce wants to work from home!

Incredible study from Gensler Research on a large scale survey that took place recently.

As I’ve been saying all along, people are social beings. We crave interaction and collaboration.

While I do think organizations will allow people to work remotely more often and designs will be altered, the office environment is NOT going away. "

I would add the following the Gensler Reaserch study is very good beut needs to be expanded, one would be details on industry and position and type of work you perform ie accounting versus sales versus project managment or manufacturing or research, the other element that would be critical to this research is ethnicity of the respondents, and current living situtation, all that will impact the actual results of this limited study and how this may impact office or business in general.

I would also caution to use this study outside the US market, I am almost certain this trend will be different and also will depend if this is a locally owned and managed company versus foreign investment.


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