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Why Granada is Call "La Gran Sultana" Nicargua

This is an article written by one of our local tour guide in Granada, Byron Ortega, "Why Granada is Called " La Gran Sultana"

According to the doctor, Alejandro Barberena Pérez writes the origin of that elegant and noble name given to Granada: La Gran Sultana, known from the romantic inspiration of a Spanish writer by the name Emilia Serrano, widow of an English nobleman, Baron de Wilson. Which visited Granada twice, but it was in the first visit 1882 where she gave that nickname.

Sultana is the wife of the Sultan, which is the highest title to which I could aspire to a Muslim prince. Baroness Wilson's idea of ​​Granada in Spain, as a Moorish city, made her think of a good name that describes the beautiful and noble city of Granada, Nicaragua. It was inspired by the beautiful view of Cocibolca, the landscapes of Mombacho, the stately colonial mansions, and the reception shown by its people. The result of the Baroness's inspiration was to think of the wide sea of ​​freshwater as El Sultán and Granada as its Great "

We are so pleased we selected to live near Granada and marvel on a daily basis the beauty of its people, culture, cuisine, and architecture. And in addition to all this beauty we live on a budget US$1200 per month, with all the benefits of the weather and vistas.


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