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Video on a fire of Cafe de las Sonrisas, an NGO operated by Tio Antonio in Granada, Nicaragua

This is a video on a fire that basically gutted the business, residences, cafe and hammock production area of Cafe de las Sonrisas, an NGO operated by Tio Antonio in Granada, Nicaragua I am hopeful that I can share the difficult time, approx 28 individuals will have to recover, they have lost their home and business that has supported them in the past 14 years.

Here is a link to an article done by the Huffington Post about the Cafe de las Sonrisas.

To learn more watch the video and if you wish to share your good fortune with those that need help please either share or send monies or if residing locally drop off food, clothing, toiletries and tools, or provide a hand as they go threw the process of cleaning up the mess and rebuild their home and business.

They really lost everything and they need the greater expat community, Granada residents and businesses to help. We drop off clothes and money this morning but it's just a drop in the bucket. I am estimating the cost to recover and rebuild will be in the neighborhood of US$20K.

As you know we are in real estate and during these type of events, Realtors shine since we have the backing of 1.4 million Realtor members that help. I am reaching out to you my Realtor friends to please give and at least repost for this great cause, let's show the strength of the REALTOR community to all.

It's not always about selling or helping buyers we also need to help the less fortunate in finding housing or a helping hand. Will you help Cafe de las Sonrisas rebuild? 505-8688-0125 Nicaragua 316-390-1532 US Thanks


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