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Stop "culling me"

Stop "culling me" is a great opinion piece written by an elder reaching retirement reporter for CNN.

Opinion: I'm over 60. Stop talking about coronavirus 'culling' me

There are many reasons retirees should conside Latin America and for sure a country like Nicaragua.

We have many things to offer here in Central America which abundance of space "small apartments" are nno longer required. Depending on your needs you.can easily buy a home for US $150000 to US200,000, that will provide home and ample space, and beach property will be priced higher up to US300000 This would be for a 2 or 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, maybe with a pool, the home will have a minimum acre lot, and approx 1200 sq ft.

You can rent in most areas anywhere between US250 to 600 all depends on location and condition of home.

Without rent you can live with 2 people on a budget between a US1000 to US1400 per month exluding rent and HOA expenses if any.

Plus side for Central America and Nicaragua is ample space, budget friendly, activities at beach, lakes, volcanoes, great food, variety shopping at farmers market, great groecery stores. Meet fellow expats or locals. Learn a new language, culture and experience new things.

So happy we call Nicaragua home even after the political turmoil and 2020 pandemic.

We are very happy with our experiences to date. And yes not everything is perfect, but we have found great hospital emergency care at the local level small town medical center to large city hospital in Managua, to our country doctor that makes late night house call even during rain storms at a very affordable rate of US7.

Our health has improved per my yearly check up in US. If she says I look 10 years younger it must be since I have less daily stress. Better quality food without the chemicals and our 100 plus fruits trees and vegetable gardens that provide us many opportunities to eat healthy.

So why stress during thr pandemic or next "pnademic wave" start looking for alternative strategy and start by calling US 316 390 1532 and allow us to show you an alternative.

If we are happy here in NIcaragua who imigrated from the US Midwest Kansas, so can you, we are here to help you in this transition to live and call Nicaragua home.

The see some of my videos about living in Nicaragua, why we moved to Nicaragua and real estate than join my youtube channel ----------->

Or visit our facebook page ------>


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