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Promoting Nicaragua, an Interview with HalloCasa.

Promoting Nicaragua, an Interview with HalloCasa

. Here is the interview and what Michael Franz and I discussed and his comments:

Today we talked to Paul Daemen from Granada, Nicaragua. Paul was born in the Netherlands, has lived most of his life in the USA and has been travelling in Latin America and is now a real estate expert and broker in Granada, Nicaragua.

Paul deliberately chose Nicaragua as his retirement and real estate investment country after having done market research and due diligence across entire South America and never looks back.

Along the interview, we talk about reasons why it is right now a good moment to invest in Nicaragua, how it is to live in Nicaragua, giving back to the local community, healthcare, the real estate buying process in Nicaragua as a foreigner, taxes and transaction costs along acquiring, owning, and selling real estate, setting up a business as a foreigner, and retiring in Nicaragua.


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