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Nicaragua’s tourism is bouncing back

Nicaragua’s tourism is bouncing back in a big way with hotels reopening and the resumption of new hotel development and other tourism infrastructure. Our crystal ball is telling us the under-the-radar Central American spot is going to be an up-and-coming destination in 2020 and beyond.

We are already seeing a few additional trends besides more tourists are visiting this winter, and we are seeing more data searches from European tourists who are planning for 2020, Nicaragua has shown a growth of over 20%, whereas Costa Rica has shown a drop from Europeans interested in Central America. One reason might be the cost of visiting and staying in Costa Rica has become too crowdy, expensive and too "Americanized US". Another issue Costa Rica needs to get to grips with is the safety issue for single female travelers.

And we have a few recommendation like Casasilas, Hotel Real La Merced, Hotel El Almirante are some of our places we have stayed at and would recommend.

What to eat and where, well long list but hands down top of the list is EL Garaje for lunch where the owners grow most of their own food, Rapido Y Furioso for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Pita Pita for amazing food and pizza, La Frontera for amazing hamburgers, and other favorite food breakfast place is Cafe Gallo Pinto near La Merced less than thirty feet across street from Hotel Real La Merced, and finally next door to our office is Cafe de Arte, for great coffee, snacks and breakfast or lunch. I almost forgot to add my friend and top Chef William, who is known as "Chef Puro" at La Cuidad Lounge, for a great drink, cigar or just comfort food. A little pricey but you get good food. I like this place and Chef William a straight shooter with lot's of stories.

There are of course many more places we have tried, but the above are the ones we keep going back to on a weekly basis.

I have eaten at all these places and love the service and quality of food.


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