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Land for sale Isla Omotepe, Nicaragua

May 15, 2020

Land for sale Isla Omotepe loacted approx 4km from the central park of Altagracia to the west, entrance at San Jose del Norte. The property has 4.5 manzanas, priced at USD46000

Access of electrical energy on the road that passes by the property has power lines. Drinking water, there is a water stand 1km east of the land. Use potential lotification for popular housing, construction of Quinta type housing.

Intro to Omotepe Island: Ometepe is an island in southwest Nicaragua’s vast Lake Nicaragua. It's known for its twin volcanoes. The active Concepción Volcano is in the island’s north. South, trails lead up Maderas Volcano to San Ramón Waterfall. Ometepe Museum, in the town of Altagracia, has ancient petroglyphs. Santo Domingo Beach is known for its choppy surf. At the nearby Ojo de Agua, natural pools are fed by a spring.


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