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Investing in real estate in NIcaragua

An article on investing in real estate in Nicaragua

Here is an article on real estate investing in Nicaragua and if the time is right to invest.

I would say, it all depends on your objective. If you plan to retire in Nicaragua do you wish to rent or own your own property and create your home.

If you are going to rent are you ready to deal with a landlord, or with any issues with the home as they arise. Rent is low and some have decided to just keep renting.

Others like use actually have bought a home to allow us to create our space as needed, and as our lide style changes we have added additional structures to allow us to live a "Nica" expat life. We continue to invest since the cost to own a property is low comparative to what it used to be. To build a home in current market doesn't make too much sense, since you can buy an almost perfect home and adapt to your own needs. But, if you find a piece of land that is exactly what you wanted then by all means by that land.

If we can assist you in any of your real estate investment needs please give us a call.

Here is our youtube channel that may be of interest to you

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