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Expat Woman Group Granada Nicaragua- Facebook

The Expat Woman Group Granada Nicaragua.

Ghisliaine Sieveking, local real estate created this group and wrote the following:

I believe that our power is our friendships and relationships, and “Good advice is worth more than gold”. Welcome to our network, offering fellow women “expatriates” or returning from abroad women. This is a place where we can support, share knowledge, ideas, and stories, educate and comfort each other as we transition and grow into our lives and get the most out of our expat journey in Nicaragua and surrounding areas. This group is aiming to support expat women in this beautiful country by sharing experiences, adventures, organizing different events and connecting to build friendships. Tell us what is in your mind... tell us your suggestions….. Our group is a nonjudgmental and safe space to freely discuss, let us keep this a friendly environment. Thanks Start or engage in discussions; from internet, water and electricity (or lack thereof), solar power, living in the city vs farm life, spiders, snakes and scorpions and best ways to get rid of them, ocean and beach trips, golf group trips, cooking recipes or classes, entertainment and music recommendations, where to go out and places you like, holidays and fiestas, real cost of living, aging parents and millennial children, cover the real truth what daily life is, Spanish teachers, health and wellness, book clubs, group outings, DR’s, Dentist, Vets, legal or any recommendations, where to buy x, y, & z, etc. Please keep in mind "NO REAL ESTATE or RENTAL LISTINGS" (there are other groups for that). If self-employed, please keep personal advertising to a minimum or send a pm to admin for approval if in dought. Blocking an admin from seeing your comments is not permitted or you will be removed from the group. Thank you for your understanding...... You can use the Search tool (magnifying glass icon on the bottom right corner of our banner) to see if your topic has been previously discussed. When you are approved to join please feel free to introduce yourself to the group, if you are currently living in the area (or will be soon). #expatwomen #Granada #ghislainesieveking


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