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Difference between a sales person versus licensed real estate agent

Let's discuss the difference between a sales person versus licensed real estate agent.

Always surprises me that people who want to do real estate, call themselves "REALTOR®", when they are not even licensed in the country they operate or are members of a local real estate association.

Several agents in Nicaragua, use the term Realtor. I always check our competitor websites to make sure they use the term REALTOR® correctly and are actual members of the National Association of Realtors, CANIBIR and NAR. If they are not members, I send an email to the legal department of these associations with their misuse to NAR and CANIBIR. I found another agent today, on their new real estate Granada website.

What is surprising, it's not that difficult in Nicaragua to be a member of CANIBIR, submit your credentials, criminal record, and education, and CV, and pay your dues.

To look at this in another way, if your sales person is not willing to abide by a code of ehics and real estate law 602 of Nicaragua, then what shortcuts is he / she willing to take in your transaction.

Ask me anytime for my credentials and I will gladly show my NAR and CANIBIR real estate license card.

Some say it's expensive, it costs USD240 per year to be a member if paid upfront its USD180, less than USD0.50 per day. To be a member of NAR it will cost the person an additional USD100 first year thereafter USD75.

We have been a CANIBIR member since 2015, and a REALTOR® since 2002.

Your attorney, notary, doctor, hairdresser, accountants all have licenses, don't you think you should deal with an agent that a professional, abides by the laws and is more than a sales person? The purchase of a home is one of the major investments you make, so here qualified professionals.


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