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Cost of living in Nicaragua May 2020

Here is an overview of our costs to live as well as operate our business in Nicaragua.

Of course we did not post any income or costs associated to this, or taxes in Nicaragua or US.

You will also note we only went out twice this month for lunch and drinks, which has saved us some money, at the same time being under a pandemic, your life style changes and you buy a few things that are not really a norm, like stocking up on wine just in case.

We say that one can live in Nicaragua, outside of Managua and own your own home at less than US1200 a month for two people, based on our farm living life style.

Our overall none business expenses was USD1429.625 but this takes into account a large quantity of dog food that not all expats in Nicaragua, have a pack of dogs LOL, living in a small rural farm community without access to cable therefore we use satalite, high energy use since we have too many refrigerators, computers and other technology that eats KW and our budget.

We started a garden that we hope will help us reduce store bought vegatables. Cost if this was minimal since we used our groundskeeper - cuidador, to prepare that land and the seeds basically came from items we used such as bokchoy cut the bottom stem and replant, or use onions and other green materials to replant. So far we can tell some issues but also successes like lettuce, bokchoy, spinach and lots of fruit trees keep giving us some great juice and smoothie items. If we have too much production we bring to the local retirement center that is on a very tight budget.

I probably missed an item or two but this is pretty close to our monthly expenses.


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