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Pochomil Beach

Pochomil is one of the beaches that is closest to the city of Managua, León and Carazo.

Today many families can travel from the urban areas via buses at an economical cost and in less than one hour. There are many things to do in Pochomil from a lazy walk on the beach, rent a cabin, there are many dining restaurants that offer typical food, seafood and delicious seafood soups.

Many people from Managua spend the weekends here by traveling very early in the morning to buy fresh fish at the port, where you can find excellent prices and selection from the various fish merchants. You can also hire one of these boats to go out to sea and snorkel or scuba dive.

To get to Pochomil you can travel on the Pochomil Managua road, via buses that leave the Israel Lewites market, or you can take your own car, or hire a taxi. There are many well-known hotels and restaurants that also offer a more pleasant stay as well as horseback riding, boat ride on the different beaches such as Masachapa and Montelimar.

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