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Issues in the real estate market

The following is a write up and review of the current marketing of listings in Nicaragua and why agents are moving towards an organized, transparent, where one cooperates and compensates the listing and the Buyer agent

Issues in the Real Estate Market in Nicaragua

Examples of issues with open market for sale of property:

  • The owner also sells his property, direct competition to all agents

  • The agents take the property with many agents representing the same property

  • There is no cooperation between agents

  • Distrust among the agents

  • No reliable market information – history of value, volume, sales

  • There is no compensation for the work done

  • No communication by Seller when the property has sold or price change

  • There is no transparency between brokers/agents or buyers

  • Basically we have a system of individualism

Benefits of a MLS® System

  • Organized collection of exclusive property data

  • Detailed information of each property for sale

  • Improved current and past real estate market information

  • Agent can compare similar properties and give market information to clients

  • Have property data with competitive prices

  • No open market listings are allowed

  • The public see a professional group of real estate agents organized around rules that protect public interest

  • With MLS® you have cooperation, transparency, and compensation

  • The owner is represented exclusively by an Agent

  • Transparency in the real estate market

  • The government sees how economic policies impact the real estate market, has clear market data

  • The Association has a means of communication with the public to report sales levels, number of properties for sale and establish if there are any market problems (supply and demand).

Benefits of MLS® Platform Provides Standardized Agreements

  • Standardized agreements

  • Standardized contracts

  • Market transparency

  • Cooperation

  • Compensation

MLS® Platform Provides Multiple Contacts

MLS platform

The MLS® for CANIBIR members

MLS® Overview


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