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Isletas of Nicaragua

GRANADA ISLETS It receives the name of Isletas de Granada a series of more than 365 islets that are located southeast of of Granada, at Lake Nicaragua or Cocibolca, the Isletas de Granada are one of the three archipelagos that exist at the Lake Cocibolca It is made up of the Asese Peninsula, which is shaped like a crescent or a slightly bent finger and countless small islets surrounding Asese. The greatest attraction of this landscape is precisely the enormous variety of islets of different sizes, and the shortened coast of Asese. The original vegetation has been transformed with the introduction of various fruit trees, among which Mango stands out. At the Islets lives a community of about 1200 people, the majority being fishermen. Other islets accommodate hotels or luxurious homes (some can be rented.) There are also islets that have not been inhabited. There are two stories that point to the possible origin of the Asese peninsula in Lake Cocibolca, on one hand it is assumed that the visible wash in the northeast part of the Mombacho Volcano was produced by an enormous eruption that threw part of the summit of the Mombacho volcano, who could have reached 2000 meters high, leaving the current landscape. What does not explain this hypothesis is the presence of a deeper area and today covered by water, between the coast of the Volcano and the Asese Peninsula. The other hypothesis argues that the Asese Peninsula represents the edge of a crater submerged and partially buried by an avalanche of rocks from the northern slope. This would explain its geometric crescent shape, contrary to what would be expected from a chaotic avalanche of pyroclastic material. Fort San Pablo is located on the islets of Granada. This was built to protect the city from constant pirate attacks during the 18th century. Although it never had any use. Because of the natural attraction they represent, the Islets of Granada have become an important tourist point nationally and internationally and their visit is recommended in different tourist publications.

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