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Gallopinto “Rice and beans”

Gallopinto “Rice and beans”

Gallo pinto is considered a typical dish par excellence in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, extending to many countries in Latin America; Its origin dates back to the seventeenth century during the trade of black African slaves who were transported by the English to their colonies established in the Caribbean Coast of Central America, these being fed mainly with beans and European or African rice during the trip. The African blacks as they settled in the new continent adopted the rice and beans dish giving it various forms of preparation by adding coconut milk.

The abundant variety of beans discovered in the American continent gave rise to a range of dishes among which Moors and Christians may be mentioned, Congry in Cuba; Marriage in El Salvador and Honduras; Feijoada in Brazil; Tacu-Tacu in Peru; Hoppin 'John in the southern United States and Gallopinto in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Pinto Beans by Byron Ortega

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