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Nicaraguan residency

Here is a recent post in one of our community newsletters that talk about the renewal process of the Nicaraguan residency card.

We obtained our residency cards in 2017, the process was not simple, lot of paper work, stamps and a few trip to Managua. We where guided by an expert immigration person that provided this service for USD600 per person. To have an expert assist you is not required, but for us it made the it simpler versus us having to learn all the steps and what document to provide when and where. The residency requirements are always changing and yes, it is interpreted differently when you reach window 22.

The residency can be broken down as a retirado (retirement) , rentista (investment income) or inversionista (investor). The requirements have changed in late 2018 with new social security minimum income $1000 and rentista $1500. For more details here is a document that can provide you with some guidance. It's strongly advised you have your birth certificate and foreign police record prior to coming to Nicaragua. You should also have these apostiled

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