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La Casona Restaurant in Catarina, Nicaragua

On April 26, 2017 we had a chance to go eat at La Casona Restaurant, in Catarina, Nicaragua.

This place has been in business for approx. 1.5 years and is owned by a local Nicaragua business person from Managua, Nicaragua.

He has truly developed a product that was very pleasing to the eye, lots of plants and trees, well laid out patio and several play areas for kids. And, yes we decided to play the hopscotch game. It was fun times in deed.

We ordered a dish for 4 people called Parrillada La Casona. Wow we were blown away by the presentation and delicious flavors.

The Chef Rigorberto Cano came out to great us and tell us a bit about the dish and ask if all was well. We have been here a little over a year travelling back and forth and this is by far the best restaurant, food, ambiance, service we have found. We will be back since we are a 5 min ride from home in Diria.

This restaurant opens at 7 am during the week, 8 am weekend so we will try the breakfast menu very soon. And life music on Sunday’s.

It’s well worth the ride if you are in Granada and want a quiet relaxing evening, very highly recommended.

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