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Granada Nicaragua at Night

Here are some amazing pictures provided by my friend Gerardus Dirks about Granada, Nicaragua in the evening on and around Calle La Calzada, this is the main entertainment center of Granada, as you can see we are seeing more tourists visiting Granada. We have seen an uptick in hotel reservations based on comments received by several hotel operators. Some of the tourists are Nicaraguans that are coming home for the holidays from the US and other markets. We also have seen more tour buses arriving from Costa Rica as well as San Juan Del Sur.

This uptick in tourism is excellent news and we hope this continues.

Here is a link to the Nicaragua Handbook written by a Realtor Partner with significant background since 2000 in Nicaragua and Latin America, that provides almost 100 pages of details concerning living in Nicaragua, food, restaurants, hotels, education, real estate, medical facilities, HOA’s, and much more:

And the following is my youtube channel where you can find some of our listings and real estate discussions on such subjects is it a good time to buy, what is an MLS and much more:

We also have a blog page that covers various topics from living in Nicaragua as an expat, medical facilities, food in general, what to do in Nicaragua, and much more.

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