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Safety in Nicaragua

We see many writings on safety in Nicaragua.

Here is a write up and resources provided by a person on a FB group Expats of Granada: Scott provided these comments on an Expat group of Nicaragua when a person asked if it was safe to travel in Nicaragua. Scott gave us permission to post his comments. “Come and enjoy! I’ve driven across the country 14 times in the last year. Feels safer than ever. No tourists were hurt last year that I know of.... I travel up from ‘safe’ Costa Rica with no travel warnings from the wonderful US Embassy. Compare that to the Nicaragua travel warnings from the US Embassy. But let us look at the facts.

12 Tourists/Expats were brutally killed in Costa Rica in 2018 alone, again ZERO in Nicaragua.

CR - 2018Maria Mathus Tenorio, Mexico - ...Arancha Gutiérrez López

Spain - Cook, USA - Stefaniak,

USA plus 2 unidentified female travelers - Hahne,

Germany - Calandrelli, Italy & Manuel Alvarez,

Spain - Sean Creighton, USA - Hogg,

Canada - Pescosolido,

Italy -

We always see negative news from different sites regarding Nicaragua due to political unrest from 2018. We have been in Nicaragua fulltime since 2016 and have felt safe and welcomed by the local community. We life in a small farming community named Diriomo. During all the issue of 2018, not once did we feel unsafe or received any negative comments from anyone while walking or driving in different areas of Nicaragua.

In fact, we received a few apologies from locals for the issues and tranques or road blockades. The embassy at times send out notices of no travel or warnings, however we need to understand that these at times are political movement. Like Scott stated the European and Canadian embassies have lifted the travel advisories on Nicaragua. We will continue to reside here in Diriomo, we feel safe and are enjoying each day with our new friends in the community. Every person needs to make their own decisions when looking at vacations or living abroad. Another area Nicaragua wins in spades in low cost of living both for tourists and expats. So why why wait come on over see for yourself.

Walking in and around Diriom Diria Nicaragua

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