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Artists in San Juan del Oriente

Visit and talk to the local Artists in San Juan del Oriente. We are always impressed by the work these artists do like Chuko who's are is amazing from paintings to bottles and dishes and much more....

Here is a pretty good write up by a group out of USA "San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua is truly a "Village of Pottery". This village of nearly 6,000 people sits upon deep deposits of clay that were laid down by volcanic activity in the distant past. San Juan is well known for its art work and has been a pottery center since pre-Colombian times. Today this village is home to many family run workshops and a pottery cooperative where a well-recognized style of pottery is being produced. In early times, two tribes from southern Mexico settled in the area after Aztecs forced them from their homeland. It is perhaps from these early immigrants into the region that the pottery making tradition was introduced, or perhaps it existed here even prior to this time. The best we can tell is that the pottery making tradition of the area has been around since at least 500 BC. Archaeological sites throughout Nicaragua have uncovered pottery, used in daily cooking and eating as well as funerary vessels, dating back over 2000 years. Of course, the exact origins of the local pottery making tradition are lost in time."

Buying direct will save you money for sure, but if you are unable to travel do buy since you are helping this local community.

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