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Come and visit Nicaragua

Here is a great article written Nicki Hed for International Living on retiring in Nicaragua.

We totally agree that “We took our first trip to Nicaragua … We were hooked from the get go.” We were hooked again when we returned in 2014, had been in Nicaragua in the early 80’s.

In our opinion, Nicaragua has something special, its hard to pinpoint what this really is. Its not only the people, culture, safety, food, large expat community in Granada, lots of activities from taking painting, cooking and history lessons, and Spanish classes or being involved in a local non-profit, tourism sites to visit (even though we moved to a small community out side of Granada (where there are a handful of expat families), good low cost medical care, cheap medicine, lots of shopping options from local farmers market to large clean groceries stores, including Wal-Mart and Pricesmart Club Warehouse store (COSCO), and SINSA (Ace Hardware) and lots more.

So if you come be ready to be taken by this exciting bug.

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