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Masaya Farmers Market

If you live around Masaya or Granada a trip to the Masaya farmers market is a must. If you go early like 7am on a Friday, you will have the best selection of vegetables and fruit. You will a great variety of vegetables and fruit at prices that are lower than any grocery store.

We also park in front of the entry where there is a gentleman and wife that will watch the car.

When you go to the Masaya Farmers Market, its recommended you bring a backpack and several bags. When we go we usually have a pack back, and two large shopping bags. We purchase our food from a select group of vendors, from one we will buy tomatoes, and another we will buy a variety of hot peppers and from another we will purchase mozzarella and smoked quesadillo cheese, and from yet another vendor we will purchase most of the goods we need such as green pepper, onions, garlic, green peppers, squash egg plant, ginger, beets, radishes. After this selection of items have been purchased, we have enough food from the market to last us a week at a cost of approx US$16 (this trip we didn't buy cheeses). We have checked out local grocery stores and the cost would have been around US$45 plus. This is a good way to safe money and help small businesses. The last few pictures will show you what we purchased and took home.

The day we went and took these pictures, we had a large traffic jam in front of the food stalls. It was fun watching these grown man discuss traffic flow to this youngster blocking the flow of merchandise. It was handled pretty quick when the stall ladies started seeing a paralysis and no traffic to their stalls. The youngster had to retreat and wait his turn.

When you go have tennis shoes on, no sandels, the market is dirty and all the paths are dirt paths.

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